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An Overview Of Our Tours

A Tour Around a Prairie-Style Home in Villa Park, IL

Tom and Kerry stand outside the entrance to their beautiful Prairie-Style home in Villa Park, Illinois.

The sculpture in the background is seen elsewhere on my website under Stonework and Features. The artist moved to Pennsylvania and donated her works of art to my clients. Tom is an inventor, engineer and restores antique automobiles.

Lets take a walk around their home and see what's going on.

A Tour Around a Unique Home and Garden in Oak Park, IL

Linda's home in Oak Park has some unique features. The side of the house where Linda is standing faces the street. That's where we planted a rain garden shown here. The front of the house with the entranceway and a small porch faces down the street to the south. There are a couple of houses like that on her street -- probably all built by the same fellow. The Serviceberry, Amelanchier arborea, in back of Linda was there when we arrived. It is a beautful shrub.

The Catalpa Tree, Catalpa speciosa (right), was only ten feet tall when we planted it a few years ago. It is shown here in late April of 2012. More interesting is the Hackberry Tree, Celtis occidentalis, just visible to the right of the Catalpa. It was hidden by a shrub which we removed. It then grew 25 feet in five years.

- Click here for a tour around this unique Oak Park property.

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