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When creating a garden for our clients we seek to incorporate the most unusual and interesting features we can find. We will work with you to fashion a wonderful, whimsical or simply elegant haven. This is especially true for birdbaths where attracting the birds offers more time for them to enjoy the garden and for you to enjoy the pleasure of watching them.

Some of the more unusual materials we have worked with include: old dolls, old birdhouses, levels of tree stumps topped with clay dishes as well as traditional river stones and statuary.


A Great Place for Telling Ghost Stories on Halloween

This Jens Jensen inspired Council Ring was used by the owner's family for breakfasts with the kids and night-time ghost stories -- especially on Halloween.

Click here to see more views of Stoneworks.

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

All of the delightful artifacts you see here were found on-site, somewhere or other.

The includes a really old blue metal lawn milk pail, some sort of rusty cowbell-shaped thing and a big tin ball.

The tree stump and rocks were found there too.

Missing pic

Simple Log Piles Can Be Made Very Interesting

This decorative log pile adds an interesting sculptural element to the garden. It can also be used for privacy, as a home for wildlife, a place to put cut wood (!) and can support vines.

Click here to see more views of Logpiles.

But Will The Birds Like It?

This "multi-media" bird bath was constructed on a concrete slab and uses large stones, assorted logs, potted plants, ceramic pots and candle holders as well as saucers of water. All sit on pieces of cut up telephone pole.

Click here to see more views of Birdbaths.

missing pic


Taken To The Woodshed

See how the character of the shed was enhanced when the split rail fence, gate with hinges, barrel rings and watering can were added.

A Path Too Far

We make our paths by creating a shallow, beveled trench and filling it with pine bark nugget mulch. When the path is walked on, it becomes compressed and gives the appearance of a well-worn path (like this one at right.)

Click here to see more views of natural-looking Mulch Paths.



Jazz Up Your Downspouts

A downspout and garden hose with an on-off valve are used to create this rain garden.

Click here to see more views of Streambeds and unique Downspout/Waterfall Treatments.

It's Too Beautiful To Take Down

When a beautiful flowering arrangement is needed quickly, such as for a graduation, wedding, Bar-Mitzvah or birthday, we can easily and quickly make a striking feature for the reception area -- indoors or out.

Click here to see more views of Containers.



Looking For A Place To Sit?

Benches, by their very nature, invoke peace and calm. If sited properly, they offer a great place to sit while contemplating the garden.

Click here to see more views of Benches.

All Other Kinds of Nice Stuff

Kids love to hop from rock to rock on this three foot tall by seventy-five foot long berm built to separate two properties.

Click here to see more views of assorted Odds and Ends.

drive 3

drive 3

It Is Not A Real Person's Arm

A visit to this Oak Park, Illinois sculptor's garden will lead to many surprises ... like this.

Click here to see more views of unique Yard Art..

Who Would Expect To See This In A Garden

A pine nugget path crosses over a streambed by a Bridge in a large raingarden in this woody backyard in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

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