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Art and Linda's offers a full range of wildflower garden design, installation, consultation and stewardship services. We create gardens for homeowners, business and public places like schools and libraries as well as a myriad of other locales. A journey through samples of our work will give you a fair taste of our abilities.

How Our Gardens Are Priced

Our gardens are beautiful, exciting and colorful throughout the seasons - yet they are reasonably priced. We will work within your budget, and if necessary, we can spread the project out over several years.

We have an excellent garden maintenance program, the Tender Loving Care Club (TLCC), which ensures that your garden will be skillfully cared for on a regular basis.

The price of the garden is determined by its size and scope. In the case of certain projects of an undefined nature, we will work on a daily time and materials basis. (See below.) For instance, you may have a nasty, overgrown, wooded area which we will weed and replant with beautiful native shrubs, flowers, ferns and grasses. Here again, we will work within your budget.

Our gardens are creative and inspiring and you will be very happy with them. An enthusiastic agreement, a small down payment and a signed contract are all that are necessary for us to start. The plants and our work are guaranteed for one year.

Price Structure -- 2016

Wildflower Garden Design, Installation, Consultation and Stewardship

The cost of your garden is determined by the cost of labor, plants and other materials used plus a service fee. A maximum price can be established and guaranteed depending upon your budget. Our first site evaluation and visit are free.

Click here to see our one page brochure of our Price Structure. It is in a Adobe PDF format which you can print.


Garden Stewardship Program

Click here for our one page brochure of TLCC.

Click here to see examples of STEWARDSHIP.

For more information, landscaping ideas, or to schedule an appointment, contact Art at 708-785-2943


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