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Lawrenceburg, IN
Beneficial insects, unique earth-friendly products.

General Information:
241 Fox Drive Piqua, Ohio 45356-0816
Phone: 1-800-543-8955
Fax: 1-800 433-0633
160+ page catalogue of great tools, all kinds of neat stuff. Mail order only.

Sunflower Lawn Care
Specializes in providing a non-toxic alternative for your lawn. Without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, we have formulated a three step program that will give you a lovely lawn that your children and pets can play on immediately following each application.

Have a Heart Wildlife Removal and Relocation/Wildlife Rehabilitation
Bill Banks
State and Federal license for capture and rehabilitation.

The Conservation Foundation
Jim Kleinwachter, Land Preservation Specialist
(630) 428-4500, ext. 15
Fax: 630-428-4599

The Conservation Foundation is a private, not-for-profit land and watershed conservation organization based in Naperville. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life by preserving open space, protecting natural lands and improving rivers and watersheds.

Conservation @ Home provides conservation education and engages homeowners to "think globally and act locally." Homeowners participating in Conservation @ Home will be provided with "do it yourself" information and be eligible for discounts at local plant nurseries, landscape companies and lawn care services. The Foundation will also supply a list of local consultants who specialize in designing and installing these native landscapes. Each certified yard will be provided with a sign identifying the yard's certification as an environmentally friendly yard.

Grant Assistance
Art and Linda's Wildflowers Department of Special Projects can help your group or organization secure a grant to help fund your garden project. Ken Perlow has had many years’ experience organizing non-profits and securing grants. Mary Busch and Marian Thill can work with you, integrating educational objectives and your gardening project into your school’s curriculum. Send us an e-mail or call Art at 708-789-2943 to see if we can work with you to secure grants to help finance your project.

Green Quest
Mike Flynn

Green Quest promotes the preservation of environmental health both above and below the ground. This approach comes from the belief that all nature is interdependent and in order to enjoy a healthy, sustainable world we must take responsibility for the health of the entire ecosystem. Green Quest views ecosystem health as an outcome from the use of biologically-based, sustainable practices for lawn and garden care and agriculture.

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