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Parkways: Parkways are a wonderful place to plant a native garden. Passers- by can immediately appreciate how different and beautiful the scene is. It can be a gathering place for neighbors to strike up a conversation and beautify an otherwise empty area.

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Bog Gardens: A bog garden is an area where the soil is waterlogged either in a natural or artificial manner, creating a suitable environment for growing plants that thrive in moist soil. When creating a bog garden, the object is to provide continuously moist soil conditions for pants - but on a flat surface. One way we can do this is by burying a water- retaining plastic liner and filling it with specially prepared soil. These kinds of gardens represent another kind of native habitat, which one would not usually see on a local garden walk.

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Gardens for Sacred Places: Sometimes individuals wish to dedicate certain areas of their property or gardens to mediation or prayer. In this case we look for stone or statuary that has a serene feel and create a shrouded, hidden and peaceful environment for the individual who wishes to use this spot for meaningful thought or prayer. Often tall grasses or a mixture of taller flowers and grasses along with stone and natural objects promotes this kind of special feeling

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Retention Basins: Some of you may live near a man-made basin for collecting rainfall. It may not be the loveliest pond to look at with its angular sides and stark lawn or stones. We can plant appropriate and beautiful native plants down the sides and around the basin in order to make it look more inviting, natural and more like a wetland area than a bleak water feature.

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Shorlines: Living along a stream or river can be beautiful and exciting. It can also be a nightmare. A healthy well-planted shoreline is a lovely sight. We have taken many eroded and degraded shorelines and converted them back to the way nature intented.

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Sandy Areas:These areas occur naturally all over the place. Well known areas such as Illinois State Park and the Indiana Dunes host many plants and critters that thrive in pure sand. We encountered a more man-made situation in Naperville, Illinois.

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