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Wildflower Sales Events for 2006

Interesting and fun tours, wildflowers walks, exhibits, family activities, sales, lectures on animals and all sorts of good family things will make these events worth seeing. Call the people & numbers listed for more detailed information. At the earlier dates we will be featuring the Spring blooming woodland wildflowers such as bloodroot, trilliums, merrybells, shooting stars, hepaticas, and so on. Be sure to say hello.

We will set up our sales booths at some events. In addition to information and displays on gardening with natives, our plants will be available for sale.

Art and Linda will no longer be attending Farmer's Markets. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their years of support.

Please visit Art and Linda's Wildflowers at special sales events around the Chicago area (see schedule, above) or call Art at 708-785-2943 for special purchases.

The Conservation Foundation is holding a native plant sale in partnership with the Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries.

Order forms must be received by May 6th with a pick up date of May 31st.

To obtain an order form, contact Jill Johnson at 630-428-4500 x20, email, or visit

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