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At Art and Linda's Wildflowers, we really enjoy talking with our customers about their vision. We've also learned something over the years - a great garden begins with a great conversation.

Your decision to have a wildflower garden is a creative one. The enthusiasm and interest it generates will be exciting to share. So, spend some time with us just describing your dream garden. What does it look like in your heart and mind? Do you see places for meditation, special features, rain gardens, birdbaths and feeders? Maybe you’d like your garden to provide you with privacy as well as natural beauty. Perhaps you have a special love for birds and want to attract and nurture them.

If you have children or grandchildren, you might like to attract butterflies and interesting insects. A native garden is an excellent place for teaching children about the natural world and its role in our environment.

If you’re confused or stumped or just don't know what you want - then we will talk about that! We’ll find ways to bring you on board, based on our many years of experience and our shared love of nature. So, start now and let’s have that great conversation soon!

Your Friends,

Art and Linda

Art and Linda's Wildflowers
(708) 785-2943


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