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- from University Communications News@UW-Madison

The term “bungalow”, originated in the Bengal region of India where it evolved from a little hut called a "bangalo.” Eventually "bangalo" was anglicized to “bungalow” It was introduced to the U.S. via California during the Arts and Crafts movement of the mid 1920's. A charming, warm, cottage style - in harmony with the natural world around it -- was instantly appealing. The style spread rapidly across the country and into the post war era of the 1940's. The Bungalow gave the impression of comfort and style while remaining inexpensive enough for a small family or an artist’s retreat. “The Chicago Bungalow” is typically built of sturdy brick with one and a half stories.

Two Chicagoland organizations that deal with preservation, renovation and other ownership issues of bungalows have very interesting and informative websites. They are:

     Berwyn City Of Homes

     Historic Chicago Bungalow Association

Here is a nice collection of bungalows in the Chicago area which we have landscaped with an interesting selection of wildflower gardens. Please visit them.

This Small Sunny Front Yard In Berwyn, Illinois Attracts Lots Of Butterflies

A photo of this house and garden graced the promotional poster for the 2008 Berwyn Bungalow Tour.

Click here to see the photo of the poster.

Click here to see more of this bungalow in Berwyn. It is framed nicely by the tall native prairie plants in the sunny front yard.

A Small, Dry, Shady Front Yard In A Oak Park Bungalow

This east-facing Oak Park front yard is engulfed in intense shade when the Norway Maples in the parkway leaf out in the spring.

However, many interesting and colorful wildflowers thrive here.

Click here to see more views of this east-facing Oak Park yard.

This Riverside bungalow was landscaped with native perennials and grasses.

These small beds are adorned with a variety of Summer-blooming wildflowers.

Click here to see more of this Riverside bungalow.

Tidy Brick Bungalow on Chicago's northside.

This small shady native garden fits perfectly on the north side of this comfortable home. There are several medium-sized schrubs adjacent to the walls (foundation planting) and generally shorter plants in the small stylish curved bed.

Click here to see more of this northside Chicago bungalow.

Natural Stonework and Features Adorn this Brookfield Bungalow

We finished landscaping this stately home in late 2012. We spent a lot of time trying to get the stone we used "just right".

Click here to see more of this bungalow in Brookfield, Illinois.

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