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An Overview of Gardens in Sunny Places

The Homeowner Is A Real Garden Lover In North Barrington

This garden was featured in the Home & Garden section of the Daily Herald newspaper, Sunday, July 4, 2004.

This is a tour around a predominantly sunny residence of many acres. The grounds have been landscaped by top landscape artchitects many times but those efforts failed to capture the owner's vision. We began working here in 2002 creating and, over the years, adding to capture the owner's desires making many elements and an environment that he now uses as his office-garden. He conducts his regular business there daily.

A Busy Nurse Loves To Relax In Her Beautiful Backyard On The Northside of Chicago

Everybody loves Toby!!!

Toby wiil not be outdone by the sweet-looking but really quite mean and nasty Mickey from North Barrington. Here Toby gloms onto Georgette in her beautiful garden on the north side of Chicago.

Click here to see more views of this home and yard in the north side of Chicago.

A College Professor In Business Administration Is A Better Designer Than Me (Lincolwood, Illinois)

working on this college professor's home in 2005. We found tons of stone left over from other progjects and used as much of it as we aesthetically could. We planted beds in the back and the side and rejuvenated his lawn. He is an avid gardener and does his own stewardship. He keeps the garden looking great.

A Wildflower Garden In LaGrange, Illinois Changes Dramatically Over Time

New construction started in the rain in November 2001. Terrible soil so poor and debris-filled it was only because native plants thrive here that anything grew. Now, as you can see, it is full and lush with color and life.

Many Areas Around This Evanston, Illinois Home Were Remade

This knowledgeable, expert lady gardener in Evanston needed help. Her grounds were out of control. We reconstructed the raised flagstone terrace, added plantings in the front, side and back and created a rain garden alongside the garage.

To see more of this Evanston residence click here.

The Front Yard Of This Modest Skokie, Illinois Home Was Completely Filled Up With A Big Tree

This was magic!! A huge Colorado Blue Spruce dominated the front yard from the yews to the sidewalk. We removed the tree and yews and planted along the front and side. It was truly a wondrous transformation.

The Small Back Yard Of This Oak Park Home Was Too Shady

This modest back yard was so dark and shadow-filled that nothing grew. The owner thinned two maples on the south side, letting in much more light. We then designed and installed eclectic plantings and features. The yard is "busy" but looks just right.

Click here to see more of this home in Oak Park.

Diverse Flowerbeds Around This Barrington, Illinois Home

The beautiful native wildflower beds around this home contrasted with the brilliant red tile roof present a unique flair that can not be equalled.

Click here to see more of this home in Barrington.

This Sunny Oak Park, Illinois Yard Ws The Home To Several Large Dogs

The owner of this well-planted Oak Park backyard has two large dogs that love to roam and explore the wildflower beds on the paths we provided especially for them.

Click here to see more of another home in Oak Park.

This Burr Ridge, Illiois Physician Wanted Lots Of Plants

The gentle sloped appearance of the sun-loving bed is achieved by using plants of varying heights, not by having a burm or terrace in the middle of the bed.

The large drooping grass-like sedge in the lower right hand corner, about one foot tall and four foot wide, is Carex vulpinoidea. It makes a great anchor by a sidewalk or corner.

Click here to see more of another home in Burr Ridge.

Urban Forester In Elmwood Park, Illinois Is Deeply Committed To The Natural World

This photograph was featured in the July/August 2003 edition of Chicagoland Gardening Magazine.

You have to search far and wide to find a plant as beautiful as this brilliant orange Butterfly Milkweed, Asclepias tuberosa.

Click here to see more of garden in Elmwood Park.

Secret Wildflower Heaven In A Forest Park, Illinois Hideout

This enclosed courtyard garden is surrounded by two story walls on all four sides. It reminds me of an opening in the woodlands.

Click here to see more of garden in Forest Park.

Very Beautiful Backyard In River woods, Illinois

It is like a beautiful addition to the home!

What a pleasure to look out of the family room or from the swimming pool to see this beautiful garden in bloom.

Click here to see more of garden in Riverwoods.

This Skokie, Illinois Yard Started Out Very Weedy And Still Needs Regular Attention -- Like Every Place Else

This beautful rain garden replaced a very weedy, unattractive area along the fence.

Click here to see more of backyard garden in Skokie.

Nothing Kept The Rabbits Out of this Skokie, Illinois patio garden!

Gail and her daughter Julia can't contain their enthusiasm while standing in their newly planted garden.

However, unbeknownst to them, a hoard of hungry bunnies was eying up everthing we just planted.

We tried everything to keep the rabbits out, but nothing worked. Garlic, fragrant hand soap, Liquid Fence and plastic coyote decoys were all ineffective.

We finally resorted to using a chicken wire fence.

Click here to see more of rabbit-infested patio garden in Skokie.

This Small Wildlife Habitat In The North Side Of Chicago Is Visited By Hawks

Why leave home?

Mother Nature's beauty can exist a hands-length and a heart-beat away.

Click here to see more of this sunny backyard garden on the northside of Chicago.

And We Found Snakes Hiding Out Here!

A large "dawg" the owners had rescued loved to dig up this side of the garden until they installed this inexpensive fence.

New Construction Presented Many Challenges

This large yard in McHenry was planted in very heavy clay. Like many other gardens it is a haven for rabbits. This spring photo features the white flowers of Meadow Anemone, Anemone canadensis (lower left hand corner), Foxglove Beardtongue, Penstemon digitalis (left center), amd the yellow flowers Sand Coreopsis, Coreopsis lanceolata (center) and Prairie Sundrops, Oenothera pilosella (lower right).

Click here to see more of this sunny garden in McHenry.

Downers Grove Wildflower Garden Looks Good All Year Long

Anything you want to keep looking beautiful requires that you give it care and attraction, like this well-tended back yard.

Click here to see more of this sunny garden in Downers Grove.

Sometimes This Evanston, illinois Front yard Gets Out Of Control

The whole south side of the front yard was planted in a wide arc in 2001. The area was watered from a now-hidden downspout. This picture was taken in August 2010.

Click here to enjoy more scenes.

The Rocks Were Here When We Started

Adrianne and her faithful and trusted Buddy love frolicking amongst the giant boulders in the back yard.

Click here to enjoy more of this Oak Park, Illinois home.

Mary Was Skeptical At First But Decided To Go Whole Hog

MARY IS SO HAPPY AND PROUD of her garden which she lovenly tends herself.

It is Spring 2010 and things are starting to blossom.

Click here to enjoy more of this Westchester, Illinois home.

Deer Buffet

Andy is examining a bunch of deer tracks which made a path right through their garden while Linda looks on wishing the deer would snack someplace else.

Click here to enjoy more of this Glencoe, Illinois home.

Was Once a Very Weedy Yard

This attractive backyard is a busy-looking place. It used to be very, very weedy but after several years it is lush and beautiful. Good regular stewardship is necessary ot keep it that way.

Here it is in mid-May of 2012.

Click here to enjoy more of this LaGrange Park, Illinois home.

Small Home with a Big Garden

Gulchin, an Oak Park, Illinos piano teacher, had us plant as much of her small yard as we could while still keeping the garden beds looking tidy, well designed and intentional. These photos were taken in late July of 2012.

Click here to enjoy more of this Oak Park, Illinois home.

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