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Courtyards, tiny front yards, meditation gardens - Do you have special places like these where you thought a wildflower garden wouldn’t fit? The good news is that you don’t need a huge amount of room for a native garden. Small native gardens will do just fine. Generally we use smaller plants and thoughtful design.

Art and Linda's Wildflowers offers gardens for small places, including containers and features for rooftops, decks and patios as well as special treats for the nooks and crannies of your life.

Container gardens can also add more plants and interest to established wildflower gardens.

Downtown Sanctuary

This small fenced-in shady garden is located in Downtown Chicago at State and Division.

Living at a busy intersection does not mean you cannot enjoy a peaceful comfortable place to sit and reflect.

Click here to see more about this yard in Downtown Chicago.

A variety of native shrubs fills thess two front yards.

The small shady front yards of two adjacent buildings were combined in one sweeping continuous landscape.

Click here to see more of these two yards in Northside Chicago.

A Restful, Peaceful Place

A small shady yard loaded with enjoyable features -- birdbaths, patio, raingarden, stone bench, barbeque grill and easy chairs. All anyone needs to relax after a hard days work at the Library.

Click here to see more photos of this yard in Elmhurst.

They Don't Come Much Smaller Than This!

A very teeny tiny very shady yard on Chicago's Northside. But being right in front of the kids' bedroom windows, the garden becomes an important part of their lives.

Click here to see more of this tiny Northside shady garden.

This was one of our first gardens.

Watch this LaGrange garden change through the seasons. You don't need a lot of room to enjoy a lot of garden.

A wide variety of plants attracts a wide variety of birds, butterflies and other insects.

Click here to see more about this LaGrange garden.

Beautiful Flowers Welcome You Home

Small sunny raingardens on either side of the front stairs welcome the owner and visitors every day.

Click here to see more about this Northside yard.

A Small But Lively Butterfly Garden

This garden is located alongside a garage in Berwyn. The birds and butterflies will feast on the False Sunflower, Purple Coneflower, Rosinweed and Cup-plant.

Click here to see more about this Berwyn yard.

This garden has been on many landscape and garden walk tours.

This House has several enclosed courtyards. The flavor of the courtyards is reflected in the gardens exposed to the public.

Click here to see more about this comfortable shady courtyard on Chicago's near northside.

This small garden adds a lot to the house.

This recently planted small, shady garden on the corner of this townhouse brought lots of joy and pleasure to the happy owner.

A little garden offers lots of surprises.

A small sunny garden in Blue Island. The owners did not know what they were getting into.

A very well-designed garden.

This tiny front yard garden encompasses no more than fifty square feet. All kinds of perenials and ornamentals share the space with native wildflowers and grasses. This beautiful garden spot was created by Luis, our crew chief.

Click here to see more of this small garden near Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois.

Small areas require small plants.

Even a very tiny place can present an opportunity for a nice wildflower garden.

Little, pretty rain garden

This small rain garden (see downspout) was planted alongside a garage in Darien, Illinois in 2008. This photo shows the garden a year later in late May of 2009. See how well the Meadow Anemone, Anemone canadensis, (the small white flower) has done.

Little garden under a big tree

This small shady garden had to fight the large Silver Maple tree for water, food and sunlight. However, with the owner's loving care and the Garden Gnomes special powers, this garden is doing quite well.

A nice walkway enhances this rain garden.

Even a modest rain garden looks stunning. See how nicely the owner laid the concrete slabs for the entranceway. This garden in Deerfield, Illinois is in its third growing seasons in mid-July of 2010.

What an unexpected surprise!!!

A bold, tall colorful wildflower garden bed in the middle of a well cared-for mown lawn.

Click here to see more of this small sunny "island garden" in Highland Park, Illinois.

A nature photographer's favorite hangout

This horseshoe-shaped backyard garden belongs to nature photographer Mike MacDonald.   Wildflowers, grasses and sedges have been planted for interest during all four seasons and to provide habitat for wildlife.

Click here to see more photos of his wildflower gardens in Brookfield.

A Lonely Old Crabapple Tree

This old multi-trunked tree stood alone in a large well-kept sunny backyard. We decided to add a nice bed around the base of the tree planted with native woodland flowers and gresses and added colorful artifacts and features to keep it company.

Click here to see more of this Crabapple Tree in Naperville, Illinois.

Container Garden at Ace Hardware in Berwyn, Illinois

Bruce and two of his helpers pose by the container garden at his Ace Harware Store on Odgen Avenue in Berwyn, Illinois seen in mid-April, 2012 (left). This garden bed was always filled with weeds and was never very attractive. I couldn't take looking at it anymore!

We dug up the old garden and replacted it with natives, seen here mid-September, 2012 (right).


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