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An Overview of Gardens in Shady Areas:

Beautiful Home and Garden in the Shade of Large Oaks

This happy young lady is an excellent gardener, an avid wildflower enthusiast and a die-hard nature lover. She has a beaautiful home in Geneva along the Fox River. The front of the house faces west and is shaded by several large Oak trees. Lets take a look.

Say good-bye to Hostas and Astibles!

This small shady garden in the Southside of Chicago is a joy to experience. A small patio allows for more formal gatherings and a "hidden area" under the Plum tree near the garage provides a more secluded respite. There is a lot of diversity and interesting features comfortably fitting into a relatively small area.

Large Oaks make an ideal woodland garden.

This once grassy area contains many beds defined by the intersecting series of paths.

Most of the "action" in a woodland garden takes place in the spring -- see the blue clumps of woodland phlox. Summers are relatively quiet but color returns in the fall with the brilliant yellows of goldenrods and blues and whites of woodland asters.

Shady Wet Yard -- Bad For Grass, Great For Natives

Nothing grew in this low, wet shady backyard in Wildwood before we planted native flowers.

The bench and birdbath make a restful oasis for relaxation and reflection.

Click here to see more views of this Wildwood garden.

Garden under the Shade of Elms

Several large Elms dominate this landscape. They are beautiful trees but their many germinating seeds require extra care to weed out in the spring.

We created many interesting stonework features with lovely brick pavers found on site.

Click here to see more views of this River Forest front yard.

Three Acre Swamp White Oak Woods

A mother red fox made a den under the pool house in the background. Her eleven babies playful behavior brought many hours of pleasure to the owners.

The garden was featured in an issue of Midwest Home Chicago Magazine, Spring 2006.

Click here to see more views of this shady garden in Riverwoods.

The Front Yard is Their Front Porch

The open lightly shaded garden welcomes owners and visitors alike. A bench near the corner makes for a more neighborly setting. Sitting in the front yard is a wonderful experience.

Click here to see more views of this LaGrange garden.

Not a Blade of Grass Can Be Found

Every single blade of grass -- front yard, parkway and backyard -- has been removed from this north side wildflower garden. The secret when having the yard so full is keeping the plants short and under control.

Click here to see more views of this Chicago Northside garden.

Woodland Garden on the Side of the Hill

nted, energetic and artistic owner designed this large, shady hillside garden. We mainly just assisted in the placement and planting according to his design.

The bright yellow flowers of the Celedine Poppies, Stylophorum diphyllum, are sprinkled like gold dust along the hillside.

Click here to see more views of this Elgin garden.

A Nice Patio in the Shade

Cool, shady, secluded places -- like this patio -- are created by screening provided by the careful placement of shrubs.

Click here to see more views of this North Barrington home.

A Large Shady Area under Oaks and Black Walnuts

Sweet Joe Pye Weed, Eupatorium purpureum, and Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, enjoy each other's company in the shade of these large Black Walnuts.

Click here to see more views of this large backyard in Riverside.

Shade-loving Natives Make for an Interesting Garden

Typical foundation plantings -- Yews and Evergreens -- were replaced by far more interesting native shrubs, grasses, sedges and flowers.

Click here to see more views of this Oak Park yard.

A Small Rain Garden in the Shade

A small shady front yard in Oak Park had a flagstone walkway. A downspout directed rainwater to the yard and a nice small Redbud Tree.

Click here to see this small shady rain garden in Oak Park, Ilinois.

Glenn and Marcia beneath a large old Ohio Buckeye tree, Aesculus glabra, which is the focal point of their backyard.

The tree was severely damaged in a wind storm a few years ago and lost many branches. For the last few years we have been expanding the garden beds in this part of the yard using woodland plants because the Buckeye tree produces a deep shade. The garden in highighted by a lot of rustic garden art and features, some of which we created for them.

Click here to see this shady garden in Glenview, Ilinois.

This small shady grove in the front of a comforatble home in Downers Grove, IL

This small grove had many native flowers, shrubs and trees present when we first arrived. But it was also weedy and filled with Japanese Honeysuckle and Buckthorn. We removed the nasty plants and reestablished many more native varieties here.

The nice bench provided Bill and Mollie a place to relax and reflect.

Click here to see this shady garden in Downers Grove, Ilinois.

Take my dog, PLEASE!!!

My intern, Monica, sits with Gerry in his backyard in late April of 2012. The yard slopes back and forms the Skokie River every time there is a heavy rain. We planted the wet area with Elderberry, Sambucus canadensis and Pussywillow, Salix discolor.

Since the trees have not leafed-out yet, the yard is sunny but will be shady soon.

Click here to see this shady backyard in Skokie, Ilinois.

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