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Frequently we are asked to design wildflower gardens for public places where educating the public about the native plants is also important. In this case we like to plant as wide a variety as possible for that particular space. Watching the progress of the garden also becomes a central activity for visitors.

If the garden has full sun, we plant tall grasses and prairie flowers, preferably in an area easily reached by the public. The best spot has outdoor accessibility and can also be seen from the inside of the building. Large windows bring the garden inside, spark curiosity and allow the occupants to appreciate the changing blooms while enjoying any visiting wildlife throughout the seasons.

An Overview of Schools, Libraries and Public Places

Middleton Elementary School
Skokie, Illinois

This Skokie elementary school had a sandy, rock-filled front yard. With the help of teachers and parents, we transformed it into a sand prairie like found at Illinois Beach State Park in Zion.

Click here to see how the Middleton School grounds were transformed.

Hynes Elementary School
Morton Grove, Illinois

These Native American children are taking part in a dedication ceremony celebrating the prairie garden planted at Hynes Elementary School in Morton Grove.

Click here to see more views of Hynes School.

Oak Brook Public Library
Oakbrook, Illinois

A prairie garden and a rain garden were both planted outside the Children's Section of the Oakbrook Library during the drought of 2005.

They were watered regularly and have really thrived.

Click here to see more views of the Oakbrook Public Library.

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Berwyn, Illinois

These kids just love the wildlife habitat outside the classrooms at the PAV YMCA in Berwyn.

Be sure to see what this garden replaced.

Click here to see more of the YMCA

Prestbury Golf Course
Sugar Grove, Illinois

This illuminated sign at the Prestbury Golf Course in Sugar Grove was installed in a rubble pile. It is amazing how the right plants take to the worst conditions.

We thought we would have a lot of trouble with deer but the coyotes kept them away.

Click here to see more of the gardens at the Prestbury Golf Course and Restaurant!

Vial House
Flagg Creek Heritage Society
Indican Park, Illinois

This circa 1850 Vial House, in Indian Head Park, was accurately restored by the Flagg Creek Historical Society. Art and Linda's planted a circular native wildflower garden in the back funded by the Pleasantdale Garden Club.

This garden won the Walgreen's Foundation Prize -- First Place -- for gardens in public areas.

Click here to see more of the garden at the Flagg Creek Historical Society!

Berwyn Public Library
Berwyn, Illinois

The garden in the front of the Berwyn Public Library was planted in the area encompassing the three flagpoles. Easy access to the flagpoles is available for various civic and patriotic events such as Fourth of July and Memorial Day observances.

Many thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Berwyn who sponsored this project.

Click here to see more of the gardens at the Berwyn Public Library

Metropolitan Apostolic Community Church
The Met
Chicago, Illinois

This beautiful church, located in the Bronzeville area of Chicago, is over 100 years old and is currently being renovated. One of my generous clients graciously donated the funds to landscape the front of the building in memory of her beloved husband who passed away.


Click here to see more of the gardens at the Metropolitan Apostolic Community Church.

Ethical Humanist Society of Greater Chicago
Skokie, Illinois

This small isolated garden at the entranceway to the Ethical Humanist Society of Greater Chicago in Skokie, Illinois, reflected nothing to do with Ethics or Humanism. It is not warm and welcoming -- but is hostile and off-putting. Art and Linda's Wildflowers was commissioned by the Society to present a garden that reflected their spirit.


Click here to see more of the Welcoming Garden at the Ethical Humanist Society of Skokie, Illinois.

Seguin SRCA Home in Cicero, Illinois

The front yard of this former industrial use, now administrative office, was just a narrow patch of degraded, weedy dirt. See how it was transformed into this colorful wildflower garden.

Click here to see the beautiful transformation.

Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, Illinois

Brookfield Zoo's prairie garden, located at the north entrance of the Zoo on 31st Street, was started in 1997 by horticulturalist John Jocius.

Art and Linda got involved with the project in 1998, providing seed and prairie plants, including many that are unique and not commercially available.

Click here to see some of the beautiful habitats of the Brookfield Zoo.


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