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Joe Standing Bear

Joseph Standing Bear
Medicine Man

Joseph Standing Bear Schranz is a White Earth Ojibwe and president of Midwest SOARRING Foundation. (Midwest Save Our Ancestors Remains & Resources Indigenous Network Group Foundation) Midwest SOARRING is a Native-based, not-for-profit organization formed in November of 1996. Their mission is to offer assistance, when asked, as a facilitator to the tribes regarding repatriation concerns; educate the public about various Native American issues including repatriation, cultural and environmental issues and building community among all people.

Click here to read more about Midwest SOARRING.

Mike MacDonald
Mike MacDonald Photography

Mike MacDonald is a well-known and talented nature photographer. Art and Linda's planted the garden at Mike's Brookfield home.

Click here to read more about Mike and Mike MacDonald Photography.

Carol Freeman
Carol Freeman Photography

Carol Freeman is a well established photographer, artist and graphic designer.

Jim Rowan
James P. Rowan Photography

Jim Rowan is a nature photographer, amateur naturalist, historian and story teller.

Charlotte Adelman &
Bernard L. Schwartz
Authors & Photographer

Charlotte Adelman & Bernard L. Schwartz are the authors of: The Midwestern Native Garden- Native Alternatives to Nonnative Flowers and Plants, An Illustrated Guide. Charlotte & Bernie make it easy to identify Midwestern flowers and plants to choose as native alternatives to numerous lookalike nonnative garden flowers and plants, many invasive. The book identifies Midwestern "host plants" and their butterfly counterparts, namely, the specific flowers and plants upon which specific Midwestern butterflies will lay their eggs. Now Midwesterners can create gardens and landscapes that offer butterflies reproductive sites as well as nectar and pollen.

Patricia K. Armstrong
Biologist, Environmentalist

Patricia K. Armstrong began working in Ecology as a child in the 1940’s in Michigan where she tried to create self-sustaining “zoos” for the creatures (amphibians, aquatic invertebrates, fish, insects, reptiles and small mammals) she caught and raised every summer.

After receiving her B.A. (North Central College) and M.S. (University of Chicago) in Biology-Ecology-Botany, she taught public school for 10 years and Montessori School for 5 years, taking her students on many field trips to see and experience nature first hand. She worked in the Education Department of the Morton Arboretum for 16 years where she managed the Schulenberg Prairie, trained volunteers, developed the guide program and taught hundreds of nature classes. She has been a leader in organizing and speaking at Prairie Conferences and Natural Landscaping Workshops since the 1970’s. She has been teaching field classes at the College of DuPage for 20 years.

In 1983 she and her husband designed and built a passive solar home in Naperville which Pat landscaped with over 300 native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers, almost all grown from seed. In 2004-5 the Armstrong’s put a new roof on their home featuring solar electric panels, aluminum shingles made from recycled beverage cans and a 1500 square foot green roof with 90 species of native plants and 10 species of Sedums. The Armstrong house (Prairie Sun) has won many awards and been featured in scores of publications.

Pat’s knowledge and understanding of all things wild and free come from a life-long personal and intimate relationship with Nature that is passionate as well as scientific. She has traveled and camped in all 50 states, most of Canada and Mexico, plus several countries in South America, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland, Antarctica, and Nepal. She is an enthusiastic explorer of the world’s remote and inhospitable places where she backpacks, mountain climbs, and studies the rocks, climate, fauna and flora (including lichens, mosses and liverworts). In addition to being a Botanist-Ecologist, she is also an award-winning nature photographer and poet. Pat is actively involved in living joyfully with Nature. She runs a consulting firm, Prairie Sun Consultants, to educate and assist others in appreciating and using native plants in home landscaping. She also does consultant work for various private homeowners, Forest Preserve and Park Districts, and the Village of Hoffman Estates and Sears, Roebuck and Co. at Prairie Stone, which involves verifying the native plantings, doing qualitative and quantitative studies of the vegetation, and making recommendations concerning the ecology and management of the natural landscape.

Pat is currently a member of the DuPage County Environmental Commission and the past president and founder of the Greater DuPage Chapter of the Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes, plus a life member and past president of the Northeastern Illinois Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society.

She has written several books:
         1962, Trilobites of the Chicago Region, with Charles Armstrong
         1968, Summits of the Soul, mountain poetry
         1979, 1st Edition, 1981, 2nd Edition, Prairie Poetry
         1997, Wild Plant Family Cookbook

Pat is listed in:
         Outstanding Young Women of America
         Who’s Who of American Women
         Two Thousand Women of Achievement
         Who’s Who in the Midwest
         The World Who’s Who of Women

Monica Buckley
Former Intern, Biologist, Environmentalist

Monica has struck out on her own forming Red Stem Native Landscapes, Inc. (redstemlandscapes.com) While working for Art and Linda's she grew from her experiences.

Monica waa an aspiring lepidopterist at twelve, studying the butterflies that flitted about the Chicago south side neighborhood where she grew up, especially in her dad's backyard, where there was a big compost heap and no chemical fertilizers in use. Just a few years ago she began to discover the native wildflowers of the Midwest and fell completely, hopelessly in love--first, with the purple coneflower, and then one by one, with more and more of the flowers, grasses, sedges, trees, and shrubs that evolved over the ages with our native birds, butterflies and other animals. Monica is determined to teach the importance of the part native plants will play in solving the storm water runoff and drainage problems so common in cities and suburbs today. But more basic than that, she is certain that the year-round floral displays, the riotous birdsong and the fluttering butterfly wings that come to enchant all who garden with native wildflowers will continue to widen the circle of those who love and cherish the charm and beauty of these incredible, gorgeous, adaptable plants.

Monica can be emailed at: monica@redstemlandscapes.com

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