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Sometimes the elements of a beautiful garden are there, but the right height and spacing of the plants is wrong or something is lacking, giving the area an incomplete appearance. With our many years of experience, Art and Linda's can bring in the right mix of native plants and grasses which will MAKE OVER and enliven your existing space. Watch, as we transform your old bed into a beautiful, native wildflower garden and something of which you can be proud!

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While you might want to familiarize yourself with the special maintenance needs of your garden, we have an excellent program for on–going garden care called The Tender Loving Care Club or “TLCC.” As a member of this program, Art and Linda's will automatically care for your garden on a regular basis throughout the growing season.

In some cases, if the garden has been neglected, an extensive WEEDING might be called for until the degraded, overgrown, weedy or out-of control areas have been managed. With the "TLCC" your now properly-cared-for garden or natural area will be maintained and look great throughout all the seasons. It will be appreciated by the butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife that will visit to eat, rest and raise their young. And most important of all – YOU WILL LOVE AND APPRECIATE IT.

Take advantage of the on-going, Art and Linda's Wildflowers, Tender Loving Care Club "TLCC". as soon as possible so that we may put you on our "routes and clusters" list. This will allow us to economize on time and materials while giving you a special discount for this service.

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