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Mike's garden

This horseshoe-shaped backyard garden belongs to nature photographer Mike MacDonald. Wildflowers, grasses and sedges have been planted for interest during all four seasons.

A trumpet vine is growing on the lattice of the garage.

The garden is only a year old, but the plants are already mature and have filled in.

Little blue stem and New England aster are the most visible plants. The dried seed-heads of blazing star are visible in the foreground and a rattlesnake master peaks in at the right of the photo.

Back garden 2

A split-rail fence looks great and keeps the garden neat.


Goldenrod and Aster

Goldenrods, New England asters, sedges and the seed heads of yellow sunflowers compose this beautiful fall garden.


Canadian Rye

The dramatic seed heads of wild Canadian rye grass mix with goldenrods and asters.


   September 2002

Goldenrods and Asters are in bloom.

Canadian Rye


Canadian Rye

The same garden in 2002 although nothing is in bloom. Now see the grown colors and textures from the flowers and grasses as they go dormant.

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