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Art and Linda

Art and Linda first met in 1986 when Art was standing on a garbage can trying to rescue a robin entangled in a kite string. A few months later, Linda introduced Art to the special spiritual beauty of one of her favorite places - Wolf Road Prairie in Westchester, Illinois. Art loved the prairie as much as Linda and soon they were growing native plants and grasses in their own yards.

A few years later, they began selling these native wildflowers at farmers' markets in the Chicago area. They have found that native Illinois plants do very well in the area's hard clay soils and there are a great variety that grow in shade as well as sun.

Another plus to native plants is that they attract butterflies and provide both summer and winter food for birds. After planting milkweed, Linda soon found Monarch caterpillars happily munching away on the leaves and both Art and Linda report hummingbirds in their yards, though they live right outside Chicago.

As for the robin, he flew away to join his mate as soon as he was freed.

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Linda inspired me to be better than I ever thought I could be.

Luke and King were very good dogs. They were such wonderful friends.



Specialist Herbert Gara, 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) and President George H. W. Bush on Thanksgiving Day, 1990, near the Iraqi-Saudi Arabian border. Specialist Gara took part in the liberation of Kuwait in February, 1991.


Art and younger son, Dan, at a family reunion at nephew Brian Semon's home near Cleveland, Ohio, (Art and Herb's birthplace) in the summer of 1985.

In the background is nephew, Michael Semon.

Daniel and Art Gara

Art Gara




I adopted Luke from the Pick-A-Pet Animal Shelter in 1990. Linda volunteered there walking the dogs. That's where she found King who nobody else would adopt, so she took him. He was adorable and Linda refered to him as "Sweet Pea".

As soon as Luke saw me he ran up to me and gave me a “doggy hug”. He probably tried that maneuver with everyone he met.

We hit it off real well. He was my best buddy for over ten years and died in May of 2001.

Luke loved to go to the woods and run around. He would go for hours and hours, real active, always going. He loved to go into the river and would come out all soaking wet, muddy and stinky. Luke was real sick for a relatively short time before he died. It was a real sad thing to watch. He was buried in the woods where he loved to play around so much. I really miss him.

Luke and Linda




I first saw Toby in May of 2004. He was running around eating out of garbage cans. People were trying to catch him but couldn't. I lured him into my car with a donut just as the Animal Control people were coming. To make a long story short I adopted him – and he adopted me. He was all skin and bone then and weighed just 53 pounds.

He weighs over 110 pounds now in 2010 and should be called “Fatso”, but that would hurt his feelings. He needs to diet and exercise more, just like me.

Toby is very different than Luke -- he thinks he is a lap dog, kind of hard at over 110 pounds.

Toby gets real excited when I take him to the dog park. He gets in there and runs around with the other dogs for about five minutes. Then he digs a big, deep hole and eats all the clay and mud at the bottom. When he is done with that he walks over and sits by me.

I take Toby with me wherever I go. Most people like to see him, but sometimes I have to leave him in the truck or tie him to a tree depending on where the job is. My guys get along real well with him too.

I am so thankful that I found Toby. He is my best friend now. I feel that God sent him my way.

Toby passed away peacefully in my truck on August 14, 2013. I made a little bed for him with pillows and blankets. He was with me every day for over nine years. I miss him very much and will love him always.


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